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Seasonal Titles


    All About Climate and Seasons DVD $29.95
    Climates and Seasons DVD $29.95
    Summer DVD $29.95

Flag Day
    America's Flags DVD $49.00
    Citizens Rule: Symbols and Celebrations of America DVD $39.95
    Flag Day/Citizenship Day DVD $29.95
    Our Country's Flag (3rd Edition) DVD $19.95
    Symbols and Ceremonies of the United States DVD $39.95
    U.S. Symbols DVD $39.95
    United States Flag DVD $29.95

Independence Day
    American Independence DVD $29.95
    Declaration of Independence, The DVD $39.95
    Declaration of Independence, The DVD $14.98
    Declaring Independence DVD $49.95
    Declaring Independence (1774-1776) DVD $39.95
    Independence Day DVD $29.95
    Independence Day: The History of July 4th DVD $24.95
    John Adams DVD $39.98
    Statue Of Liberty, The DVD $19.95

Fingerprinting Introduced for Identification - July 27th, 1858
    Forensic Science In Action - From Crime Scene To Courtroom DVD $89.95
    Forensic Science: The Crime Fighter's Weapon DVD $24.95
    Scene Of The Crime DVD $24.95
    Scene of the Crime, The DVD $169.95

Amelia Earhart's Birthday
    Amelia Earhart DVD $29.95
    Amelia Earhart DVD $39.95

Birth of the Internet - August 1, 1969
    Computers DVD $24.95
    Computers and The Internet DVD $39.95
    Growing Up Online DVD $19.99
    History Of Computers, The DVD $89.95
    Information Age DVD $59.95
    Inside the Internet DVD $300.00
    Internet Basics DVD $19.98
    Lifting the Lid: How Computers Work DVD $99.95
    Searching the Internet DVD $39.95
    Triumph of the Nerds DVD $29.99
    Using the Internet DVD $29.95

Orville Wright's Birthday
    Airplanes: A First Film DVD $19.95
    Wilbur and Orville Wright: Dreams Of Flying DVD $24.95
    Wright Brothers Controversy, The DVD $24.95
    Wright Brothers' Flying Machine DVD $19.95

Smithsonian Founded - August 10th
    Stories from the Vaults DVD $24.98

Davy Crockett's Birthday
    Davy Crockett DVD $29.95
    Davy Crockett DVD $24.95
    Davy Crockett DVD $14.98
    Davy Crockett: American Frontier Legend DVD $24.95

Hawaii Becomes the 50th State
    Hawaii DVD $19.95
    Story Of Hawaii, The DVD $49.00

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